COVID-19 Safety Information

Safety Plan for all IAM facilities**


*All locations and practice times subject to change. Check the CALENDAR for the most current schedule.



IUPUI's Natatorium is a world-class, 50-meter competition pool with eight lanes. Bulkheads allow for long or short course events. The Natatorium issues Nat passes to IAM members that use their facility; the Nat pass needs to be scanned every time IAM members enter the facility. However, please note that IAM members cannot use their Nat pass to lap swim outside of normal IAM practice times. IAM members wishing to simply lap swim at the Nat must purchase a Nat facility pass.  Paid parking available in the visitors section of the Sports Garage adjacent to the Natatorium.

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)


Beginning Tuesday, September 6th, 2022
Mon - Fri: 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Mon - Thur: 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm
Tues/Thur: 5:30 am - 6:45 am

IUPUI Natatorium
901 West New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 274-3518
Website: IU Natatorium



Beautiful 50-meter pool on the north side of Indianapolis. The Natatorium is located at the back of the school. Due to the construction at Carmel High School, please use Door 17 on the west side of the school to enter for practices. Parking is available outside Door 17 (limited) or the Freshman Center (Door 13).

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)

Safety Policy

Beginning, Tues, September 6th, 2022:
Tues/Thurs: 5:15 am to 6:30 am
Sun: 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Carmel High School
520 East Main Street
Carmel, IN 46032
Website: Carmel High School



Brand new, beautiful 50 meter pool located in Greenwood, Indiana. Enter through Door 4. Take the stairway down to ground level. Natatorium Doors (#700) on the right at the bottom of the stairs. MAP

*Temporary Change to Door Entry and Parking effective May 30th, 2023: We just learned that construction on a new academic wing begins tomorrow at Center Grove High School. Door 4 and the parking near Door 4 will not be accessible. Swimmers will now use Door 8 which is located on the other side of the school. As you exit the Natatorium doors, it is the door to the right down the hallway. Parking is available in the Reserve Lot between the football stadium and the old elementary school or in the student parking lot. We will try to get photos and a map posted this week to pinpoint these new locations. 

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)

Beginning, Tues, December 13th, 2022:

Tues/Thurs: 5:15 am to 6:30 am
Sat: 6:30 am - 8:00 am

Center Grove High School
2717 S Morgantown Rd
Greenwood, IN 46143
Website: Center Grove High School

Beautiful 50 meter outdoor pool on the north side of Indianapolis. Parking in the North lot and enter through the Main entrance. MAP

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)

(Summer only beginning Sat, May 28th thriough Sept 4th, 2022)
Mon - Fri 6:15a - 7:30a
Mon - Fri 9:30a - 10:45a
Mon - Fri 11:30a - 12:45a
Mon & Wed 6:00p - 7:15p
Sat - 7:00a - 8:30a
Sun - 9:00a - 10:30a

The Riviera Club
5640 N. Illinois St
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Website: The Riviera Club



Beautiful 25 yard/meter pool on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Please drive to the South Gate entrance off Haque Road. Enter through Door 8 on the west side of the school. Parking is available outside of Door 8 near the construction fencing. Map

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)

Safety Policy

Beginning Wed, September 7th, 2022:
Mon/Wed/Fri: 6:00 am - 7:15 am

Lawrence North High School
7802 Hague Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 964-7700
Website: Lawrence North High School

Beautiful 50 meter pool on the north side of Indianapolis. (Updated April 10th, 2023 ) Enter Door 16 on the south side of the school. Parking is available on the south side and in the student parking lot. All cars must leave the parking lot before 7 am during the weekdays. Please see MAP for reference.

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)

Beginning Tues, Sept 6th, 2022:
Mon - Friday: 5:15 am - 6:30 am
Sat: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

North Central High School
1801 E. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 259-5301
Website: North Central High School

JCC Indianapolis

Beautiful 25 yard pool located within a health & fitness center. 

PRACTICE TIMES (See CALENDAR for current schedule)
Beginning Monday, March 7th, all IAM members attending practices at the JCC will be required to show a government issued ID upon arrival. No one will be permitted into the facility for practice without one. 

Safety Policy

Beginning Tues, September 6th, 2022:
Mon thru Thurs: 9:00a - 10:15a

JCC Indianapolis
6701 Hoover Road
Indianapolis, IN 46260
Website: JCC Indianapolis



In the event of school delays, the early morning practices will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED. If schools call a full cancellation, all practices are AUTOMATICALLY CANCELED. Note: In the Closings / Delays lists found on local television stations, radio stations, and web sites:

  • North Central High School will be listed as MSD Washington Township.
  • Lawrence North High School will be listed as MSD Lawrence Township.
  • Carmel High School will be listed as Carmel Clay Schools.
  • Center Grove High School will be listed as Center Grove Community Schools.
  • The IUPUI Natatorium will be listed under the respective colleges' names.
  • Jewish Community Center will be listed as Jewish Community Center (JCC).
  • The Riviera Club will be listed as the Riviera Club.
Every effort will be made to announce last minute closings due to the weather on the website and to current members via a Club Assistant email/text. However, sending urgent messages is not always feasible for last minute cancellations due to weather especially in time for the early morning practices. Practice cancellations due to weather for outdoor pools could occur at the beginning or during practices. Check the news and use your best judgement before venturing out.


Listed below are upcoming scheduled cancellations. Last minute, urgent cancellations will be sent via Club Assistant to current members in an email and/or text message.

There will be only one practice Memorial Day (May 29th) from 7:30 am - 9:00 am at the Riviera Club.

Center Grove HS

  • No 6:30 am practices on Saturday, May 27th, June 10th, June 24th, July 15th, and July 29th due to swim meets.
  • No 5:15 am practices on Tuesday, August 1st, and Thursday, August 3rd, due to facility closure.

IU Natatorium

  • No 5:30 pm Tues/Thur practices until May 25th. The 5:30 pm Mon/Wed practices are still on.