GENERAL SAFETY/Incident Forms*

*All IAM members are REQUIRED to be current registered members of U.S. Masters Swimming which provides liability and accident insurance coverage during our workouts.



  • Hands-Only CPR - 90 second video instruction for performing hands only CPR until Emergency help arrives.

Where is the AED and First Aid in our Facilities?

Carmel High School - First Aid (file cabinet) and AED (white box on wall) in Lifeguard Room

Carmel Swim Academy - First Aid and AED (TBD)

North Central High School - First Aid Box (Lifeguard Room) and AED (Hallway outside pool door entry)
Lawrence North High School (First Aid and AED (yellow bag) near the pool/lifeguard office

JCC - First Aid Box (next to Aquatics Manager office near pool) and AED (Hallway outside of pool)

IU Natatorium -First Aid and AED (next to Lifeguard Room)

Center Grove High School - AED (hallway outside of pool entry Door #4) & First Aid (near announcers stand)

Riviera Club - First Aid (located in the Lifeguard shed, northside of the pool) and AED (hallway behind the front desk of the Main building)