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Accolades and Testimonials


The coaches and staff at Indy Aquatic Masters are working hard to make IAM the best Masters program in the country. IAM is proud of our latest accolades:

IAM members swim at events all across the country - often to phenomenal results. In addition to the numerous Masters meets within easy driving distance of Indianapolis, IAM swimmers in 2014 competed at:

At these meets, IAM swimmers have earned the following USMS national accomplishments:



But those accolades and accomplishments are just the beginning. As we strive to become an even better program, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about IAM - and what we can do to make our program even better. Here's what some of our members are saying about the IAM program.

"I have been a member since October and I can feel I am a better swimmer having been part of IAM. I am always asking for advice during practices and they are always very patient and willing to help. I feel my stroke has improved and most recently TODD gave me advice to reduce my stroke count from 23 to 15-17 (depending how tired I get). I enjoy the group very much and look forward to the continued improvement, as
there is always room to improve."
- Ron G.

"In regards to IAM, honestly I feel like the program is very well run and have a tough time thinking of anything that would make it better. Frequent practice times, great locations, weekend training sessions, meets you could sign up for, and the coaches & fellow swimmers are all awesome. It was a great experience!" - Blake T.

"I have been completely blown away by IAM.  I have known Mel for many years and think the world of him.  He has great coaches.  It is unbelievable how many pools the program uses every day for workouts. It is very impressive.  The monthly fee is more than fair….   You guys have an amazing program and I only wish I was in Indianapolis more to take advantage of it." - Bill M.

"The group swims were great and I appreciate all of the locations available." - Michael K.

"I have very little experience with organized swimming, as IAM was my first real attempt at anything of the like.  I was never on a swim, etc...  But, I can't imagine a better set up than what IAM has.  There are plenty of practices all over the city, gorgeous pools, great coaches, and difficult workouts!  It's everything that every group should strive for, in my opinion." - Brian F.

"The practices are awesome! Coaches are so friendly and helpful. I couldn't be more pleased with what I experienced with IAM this year." - Adam H.