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Meet Your 'Mates - Molly Jackson

Welcome to the next installment of Meet Your ‘Mates – your lane mates, that is. In the last installment, we met pro triathlete, Dani Fischer. This time, we turn our attention to the world of skating... and swimming, as we meet Molly Jackson.

Swimming primarily at the Butler evening practices, Molly swims because it's "much more fun than running." A great overall athlete, Molly not only swims, but figure skates and golfs as well. Her favorite stroke is breaststroke and her favorite event is "anything where someone counts my laps for me, so distance events." In fact, one of her best swimming moments was receiving a heat winner award at the Florida meet last year. The best coaching advice she received is "Swim your own race." The lesson learned is to race at your pace and not worry about comparing yourself to others during a race. This is a lesson she takes to heart - both in the pool and at the rink.

One reason Molly swims is because of the great cardio and conditioning workout it provides for her skating. Skating with the Winter Club of Indianapolis, Molly competes throughout the season and has a local exhibition this weekend. Molly will be skating in the Winter Club Holiday Exhibition on Sunday, December 20, along with fellow IAM swimmer, Carol Hall. Molly will perform a solo routines and she and Carol will be part of a group exhibition. The personal motto that guides Molly through swimming and skating? "Never give up," she says. "No matter how good or bad something is going, always keep trying and doing your best." Molly clearly is living up to her motto.

Away from the pool and the rink, Molly works as an administrator at IU Simon Cancer Center for the database used by cancer trials. In addition to swimming and skating, she enjoys golf, knitting, and sewing.

Molly admits that she is often out of breath at practice and it's hard for her to talk. Don't let that stop you.  The next time you see Molly, go over, say "hi", and meet your mate!


By Karen Gernert
Program Administrator
Indy Aquatic Masters

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