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Meet Your 'Mates - Jan Johnson

Welcome to the next installment of Meet Your 'Mates - your lane mates, that is. In the last installment, we met Ironman Perry Heath. This time, we turn our attention open water swimmer and artist, Jan Johnson.

Often found training at North Central High School, this 62 year-old retiree loves swimming because it is "the perfect exercise." She loves distance sets and swimming in open water. Jan's favorite event is the 1650 Free and, not surprisingly, freestyle is her favorite stroke. In fact, Jan's best swimming moment was completing the Swim Around Key West in 2005. "Best year ever!"

The best advice Jan ever received was from our own George Quigley. George emphasized counting every stroke a long time ago. When Jan did as George asked and counted her strokes for an entire 1650, she had swam a new best time! George simply pointed out that if she started taking extra strokes, she was probably getting slower. Wise words from a wise man! Jan's advice to others? "If you can't swim fast, swim long!" And, she certainly takes her own advice to heart.

Away from the water, Jan loves to bike and is an accomplished artist. In fact, she recently finished 1st at the 2016 Carmel on Canvas (Non-Professional Division).

What would Jan like you all to know? "I would like my lane mates to know that I appreciate them," she starts. "I've been swimming with some of them since 2000." Great lane mates certainly make practices easier. So, be sure to introduce yourself the next time you see Jan and meet your mate! You'll be glad you did!


By Karen Gernert
Program Administrator
Indy Aquatic Masters

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